Life parallels.

Me, pre-PhD:
Chasing my advisor, Edgar Raymond Lorch, aka Ray Lorch, to UCB for his sabbatical, Q1, 1963
Ernie, pre-PhD:
Chasing me, his advisor, to ETH Zürich for my sabbatical, 1966-67
[Setting an example for Osvaldo
Acuña, to UCB, Q1, 1976 ?]
Me, post-PhD:
Chasing off to UChicago to be with S. Mac Lane, 1964-5
Ernie, post-PhD:
Chasing off to UHawaii to be with Paul Halmos, 196?-??
Other parallels:
Summers at Bowdoin c/o Dan Christie, with Lawvere, Tierney,
Barr, Beck, Freyd, Gray, Mac Lane, “Uncles” Al and Linda, Alex Rosenberg, Barry Mitchell, et al.
1969-1970 at Halifax c/o Arnold J. Tingley, with Lawvere, Tierney, Paré, Radu Diaconescu, Walter Felscher, Ellis Cooper, Barry Mitchell, et al.
Assorted PR Presidents’ Day Category Weekends c/o Beck & Diaconescu

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