Machu Picchu & Galápagos Photos, 2007.07.12-30
Fred E.J. Linton

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and Dan West’s Journal notes from Peru and Ecuador, as well as his Prize and Award presentations in Lima and Quito.
• Barbara’s pictures can be found in her Google Pages area: please visit!

Nazca lines through these clouds?

We promise; don’t tip if we fail.

See? Clouds gone.

Trapezoidal Nazca patterns

Otherworldly figure

There’s a monkey here (lowcontrast)

That’s our plane’s shadow down there

A hummingbird (?)

Head of a bird

Big bird eating wriggly snake

Our first and only Vermilion Flycatcher

That flycatcher again (center)

Baby condor and keeper

Baby condor

On the [rail]road to Machu Picchu

Lima ocean landmark, Parcomar

Quito church: exterior detail ...

... and interior detail

Presidential Palace Guard, Quito

Central Bank of Ecuador, Quito
Seen in a Quito café:

Optimist ’til the end
More time ... We’re making good progress ... We just need a little more time ... These things take time, ya know ... The next surge will be better.

Barbara M. on the equator
as Queen of the West
[In Polish, “The winter noontime sun is in the North” is a linguistic paradox.]

Galapagos Lava Lizard

Sea iguana

Swallow-tailed Gulls and young

Sea lions snoozing (legs: Elmer & ??)

Male Frigatebird following our vessel

Help, Jaime: what's this?

Flycatcher? Warbler? Other?

Fred & Barbara in their stateroom

First of several Cuckoos

Blue-footed Booby at rest

A pair of Frigatebirds

Albatross breeding/nesting grounds

Albatross in flight

Albatrosses billing and cooing

Blue-footed Booby, gazing seaward

Blue-footed Booby, looking away

Blue-footed Booby, looking up

Boobies: Mommy, Daddy, and Baby

Detail: the Bluefooted Booby’s
eponymous feet

Sea lion pondering posted signage

First posted 04 August 2007; last updated: 08 August 2007. All text and images above © 2007 by Fred E.J. Linton.

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