Schedule of TA and Math Workshop sessions for
Math 221 (02), Spring 2006, FEJ Linton

1. Math Workshop • • • is up and running this semester, having begun Sunday, 1/29/06.

Workshop Hours throughout the semester (but not during Spring Break) will be:
Sunday through Thursday evenings, 7-10 pm, and
Monday through Thursday afternoons, 2:30-5 pm
            (all in 113A SC, i.e., Science Library,
              Conference Room (Main Floor))
New, 5/06/'06Math Workshop's closing session will be that of Sunday evening, May 14, 7-10p.m.

2. TA sessions • • • beginning Sunday, February 12:
        Sunday afternoons, 2-5 pm, TA: Glenn Henshaw;
        Monday evenings, 6-8:30 pm, TA: Vasil Gochev; and
        Wednesday evenings, 7-10 pm, TA: Glenn Henshaw
            (all in 109 SC)
New, 5/06/'06The last of these sessions will be that of Monday, May 8, 2006. None during Reading or Exam Weeks.

3. Checking homeworks for section 02 will be: Glenn Henshaw.

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First posted: 29 Jan 2006. Last updated: 06 May 2006.