Hinomisaki Jinja

 Victimage in the Kojiki of Japan

  by Barbara Mikolajewska in cooperation with F.E.J. Linton

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Supplement 1: Shimane, the “Province of the Gods”

Supplement 2: In the place where Izanami entered the world of the dead
 1. Manai Jinja; 2. Kamosu Jinja; 3. Iya Jinja, or Shrine of the Dead; 4. Rokusho Jinja

Supplement 3: In the place where Susa-nö-wo killed the dragon
 1. Izumo kagura; 2. Yaegaki Jinja; 3. Kumano Jinja; 4. Susa Jinja; 5. Hinomisaki Jinja; 6. Sada Jinja

Supplement 4: In the place where stands Opo-kuni-nusi’s “Palace connecting Heaven with Earth”
  Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine

Supplement 5: In the place where Opo-kuni-nusi’s son Kotoshiro met the envoys from Heaven
  Miho Jinja

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