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Victimage in the Kojiki of Japan

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 Victimage in the Kojiki of Japan

  by Barbara Mikolajewska in cooperation with F.E.J. Linton

Copyright © 2007 byTLVP Logo & IDNew Haven, CT 06511-2208 USA
First Internet Edition. All rights reserved. First created: 14 Apr 2006. Last updated: 01 Dec 2008.




Supplement 5. In the place where Opo-kuni-nusiís son Kotoshiro met the envoys from Heaven: Miho Jinja


According to some sources, Miho Jinja, standing where the Kojiki describes Opo-kuni-nusiís son Kotoshiro as having hidden after advising to his father to surrender the land to Ninigi, is dedicated precisely to Kotoshiro. According to the Izumo Fudoki, however, this shrine was dedicated originally to the deity Mihosusumi-no-Mikoto.



Tori before Miho Jinja.


1. Tori before Miho Jinja.



Worshippers before the exterior of Miho Jinja shrine.


2. Worshippers before the shrine exterior.



The two roofs of the main Miho Jinja shrine building.


3. The two roofs of the main shrine building.



Kotoshiro, also identified as Ebisu, is the very popular patron deity of marine safety, fishing, commercial prosperity, and music and dance. Of the 3,385 shrines said to be dedicated to him through all Japan, Miho shrine is the main one.



The tai (sea bream).


4. The tai (sea bream),
often seen in Kotoshiroís company.



A tai as festival float.


5. A tai as festival float.



Ema depicting tai.


6. Ema depicting tai.




Maritime Kotoshiro ema.



Maritime Kotoshiro ema.



Maritime Kotoshiro ema.


7-9. More maritime Kotoshiro emas.


Kotoshiro with rod, tai, and wife.


10. Kotoshiro with rod, tai and wife.



One of the buildings on the shrine grounds houses two sacred ceremonial boats, primitively crafted of hollowed-out logs. The second floor of this building exhibits some unique musical instruments, offerings by devotees of Ebisu in appreciation of his reported love of music and dancing.


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