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1-2-18.htm: Sample (dummy) problem solution file
1-4-10b.htm: Solution, Ch. 1, S. 4, Problem 10(b)
A_dagger.htm: Exposition of in-class presentation on A
Complex.htm: Exposition of Complex Numbers
DotProd.htm: Exposition of Dot Product
FinalExam.htm: The May 1, 2004, Course Final
FinalKey.htm: Suggested solutions to Final Exam problems
m221.htm: The main Math 221 (02) Course Agenda page
M221-TOC.htm: This very, self-same, file
PreRank.htm: Notes preparatory to the notion of rank
TA-MWkSp.htm: Help Session schedule information
TestOne.htm: Test One, of 24 February (inelegantly reproduced)
TestOneKey.htm: Brief answer-hints to Test One
TestTwo.htm: Test Two, of 20 April
TestTwoKey.htm: Brief answer-hints to Test Two

Last revised: 11 May 2004