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for laughs, try the at&t-hosted Turkey album (but beware the ads!)

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or try the Emas page.

  Welcome all, especially wandering expatriate whirl-nutters!

We can offer pages related to our travels:
    Peru and Galápagos | More Galápagos | Japanese Festivals
    Scenes from the religious life | Sacred Temples | Kumari

math-related activities:
    Tetralemma Conundrums | JaMex III Oaxaca |
    JaMex IV Kyoto | FMCS2008 Halifax

studies of the Rig Veda, in English or Polish ,
and of the Japanese Kojiki, likewise in English or Polish;
or a retelling, in Polish only, of the Mahabharata .
For our TLVP publishing activities, visit our TLVP Book Nook page,
or our consolidated Seller Offerings page.
For further links, see the index pages for b.mikolajewska, tlvp, fej.math.wes, ... .
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